People with cancer use massage for several reasons, some have found that it can improve their physical symptoms as well as making them feel whole again. It helps them to relax their mind and body, relieve tension and restores hope. It has been found to enhance the mood and provides a friendly ear to offload to if that is what they want to do.

The benefits of having a massage include the possibility of reducing pain, helping with fatigue, nausea, anxiety and depression. It can help to improve sleep, mental clarity and alertness as well as the range of movement and healthy scar tissue.


Light relaxing massage is safe in all stages of cancer and its treatment and it cannot cause cancer to spread. Affected Massage is not conducted over the affected area or around areas where treatment is being carried out or over areas where lines are placed. Massage is also very light so as not to cause any undue stress or damage to the tissues or muscles in a body that is already fighting. The massage is to relax and unwind the mind and help the body to recover.

Therapists conducting massage should be trained and have some knowledge of cancer and its treatments.

I currently volunteer at St Richards Hospital doing cancer massage with the cancer / MacMillan unit and I am registered with the CNCH (Complimentary Natural HealthCare Council) and qualified for Cancer Massage therapy with London School of Massage. The link to the CNCH website is