Myofascial Release2018-06-08T23:30:11+00:00


Fascia is the connective tissue in and around the muscles and it covers every part of the body.

This is a technique which is especially good for treatment and rehabilitation of soft tissue and fascia aches, pains, restrictions and adhesions in the myofascia. It is a technique which is done without oil so that the therapist does not slide/glide on the skin and allows the therapist to tune into the body and connect better and deeper with the tissues. There by giving a treatment with “listening hands”, and encouraging the fascia to unwind without the use of force but by using just the right amount of pressure.

A full myofascial release massage is done without oil although some techniques are often combined with a holistic massage in which oil is used.


“Had a fantastic massage yesterday. My back was very stiff but was feeling so much better after only a short session.”


“you are a great listener and your magic hands helped the stress and tension just fall away. Thank you x”