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Manual lymph drainage massage is done without oil and is a very light massage which is used to aid the lymphatic system in clearing the body of toxins so that they can be released as waste products.

This form of massage is not usually combined with other forms of massage. It is both a preventative and remedial treatment.

Some of the benefits of lymph drainage massage amongst others are:

  • Very relaxing
  • Been known to relieve fluid retention eg: swollen ankles and legs due to pregnancy
  • Can aid healing after cosmetic surgery
  • Can aid and be an effective part of treatment and control of lymphoedema and post cancer treatment
  • Can be used as part of a detox to help the body detox from the inside out.

“Had a fantastic massage yesterday. My back was very stiff but was feeling so much better after only a short session.”


“you are a great listener and your magic hands helped the stress and tension just fall away. Thank you x”