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What it is, what are its benefits?

A holistic massage is a massage that can affect and benefit the whole person not just a specific body part. It works on all levels – physical, mental and emotional /spiritual. Its helps to redress the balance and harmony in the body that is disrupted by busy, stressful lives.

A holistic massage is a massage treatment that is unique to you the client as it is tailored to your specific needs and requirements at the time of the treatment. I don’t just do massage to you I do a massage with you and not only work on you person but bring my whole self to the massage.



relaxing / easing of tight muscles, and the pain and discomfort related to them, improving circulation (both blood and lymph), facilitation of joint movement and nerve function and aiding in restful sleep


reduces stress by allowing you that little bit of ‘me’ time to just relax and be thereby giving the body a chance to restore the balance from your busy life and get out of the ‘fight/flight’ mode and reactivate the relaxed mode


as the body stores everything from stress to trauma (physical / psychological) and emotions in the muscles, it can also facilitate the release of these feelings. It can also help to quieten an ever running / busy mind thereby making it easier to deal with things in a more efficient manner

A holistic treatment with me may include many different techniques or a combination of techniques which can include but are not limited to the following:

* Swedish massage techniques

* Myofascial Release techniques

* Manual Lymph Drainage Techniques

* Deep Tissue

* Indian head massage

* Seated acupressure

* Pregnancy

“Had a fantastic massage yesterday. My back was very stiff but was feeling so much better after only a short session.”


“you are a great listener and your magic hands helped the stress and tension just fall away. Thank you x”