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Deep tissue massage works with the connective tissues rather than just on the surface layer of the muscles. Although most massages will include some deep massage this is more specific. I use a variety of techniques to loosen and release tension in the muscles and fascia by penetrating them to a deeper level.

It is a more focused massage which uses slower strokes with more pressure and is particularly beneficial in an area like the neck, shoulders back and legs.


It can be administered by using the hands, fingers, elbows and forearms which are most commonly used but some therapists may also use their knees and feet or even an electrical massaging device.

It is possible to feel slightly bruised after Deep tissue massage and this is quite normal, and it should ease within a day or two. It is always important to drink plenty of fluids (preferably water) after a deep tissue massage to help flush the system and keep the body hydrated.

Deep tissue massage can benefit the body by breaking up scar tissue over time, it can help rehabilitate injured muscles by increasing the blood flow to them and breaking up adhesions and loosening off tight / twisted muscles. Sports injuries are often treated

“Had a fantastic massage yesterday. My back was very stiff but was feeling so much better after only a short session.”


“you are a great listener and your magic hands helped the stress and tension just fall away. Thank you x”