Your Questions Answered

1 – Why do I need a 90-minute session the first time?
The reason I ask all new clients to book 90 minutes is that I run through a full consultation with you so that I can get a better idea of what is happening in your body, and I can work out with you a plan that is best for you. It allows for a full 60 minutes on the couch and then for me to be able to give you some after-care advice after your treatment and book your next appointment and give you time to ask any questions you may have.

2 – What does a full consultation entail the first time I book with you?
During the consultation, we will go over the information you completed when you booked your appointment. From there we will work out exactly what it is you are looking for from your session and what your expectations are. We will go over medical history that may be important to your treatment. We will go over things like accidents and injuries and things you have done that may be contributing to your discomfort. I will run through a range of assessments so that we can see which muscles and joints are affected and discuss with you a way forward.

3 – How many sessions will I need to book
This is asked so many times and it’s not something I can give a solid answer to. Everybody is unique and their bodies react differently. Some people may only need 1 session whereas others may need many more. If your discomfort/pain is bad then I do recommend having at least 2 sessions close together (once a week), then we can reduce treatments as you improve, but by doing this we can assess the difference and improvement. Once we have your pain at a manageable level or greatly reduced, I would recommend treatment at least every month or 6 weekly to keep on top of it – like a maintenance schedule. Look at this as investing in your health and wellbeing.

4 – Will the massage hurt?
Massage should not hurt, there may be times when things may feel a little bit uncomfortable, but these will not last. You should not be left with any bruising or additional pain. Sometimes after a treatment things can feel worse than when you came in, but this is normal and should wear off in a few days- most of the time this doesn’t happen at all. All it is is the body readjusting to work that has been done, particularly when it has been stuck in a certain way for a long period of time. – the muscles have memory and that needs to be reprogrammed.

5 – I need you to go really hard and deep, so I feel the results
I do deep tissue massage, yes, and trigger point therapy both of which can have periods of discomfort, but I work with the body and if I go in too hard and too fast the body’s fascia will bounce me out and then we will get nowhere. I may not ‘sharpen’ my elbows to treat you but the way I work uses several modalities which allow me to go deeper, quicker without you having to cling onto the couch for dear life. I do not work to the ‘No Pain, No Gain’ ethos.

6 – Will your Treatment fix my (XYZ issue)?
I cannot and will not ever guarantee that I can fix you or what is wrong with you. But what I will do is I guarantee that I will work with you to the best of my ability to help you release your pain and regain your life. It takes work from both sides to make this happen and I ask that when I give you aftercare advice/exercises you do them as this will speed up your recovery. If I am unsure of something, you ask I will say so and I will go away and research it and get back to you with the outcomes.


  • Initial Call/ Contact – we will discuss general information about what you aer looking for from your appointment, this way i can find out what your needs and expectations are and if I am able to help you. I will explain how to book and answer questions you may have.
  • Booking procedure First time clients need to book online and book the 90 mintue New Clients only appointment.
  • Once booked – you will receive and email and / or a text message confirming this, and it will have 2 hyperlinks in it which are forms that need to be completed prior to your appointment. One is a client information form and the other is the Covid screening form.  You will also receive an email from me which will include 3 attachments. These are a copy of my T&C’s, my privacy policy and the explicit consent form. Please complete and return the consent form via email or bring a printed version with you on the day.
  • On the day – there is parking at Sainsburys (30 min free or free for 2.5 hours if you do £10 shopping there), The Forum multi-storey car park or Swan Walk Shopping Centre.  I am located in Osprey House – Opposite the Bus Station.  Buzz the 2nd buzzer down on the outside and I will let you in and come down and greet you.
  • Once inside – we will go upstairs to the clinic room, and you will have a seat on the massage couch, and we will get to know each other a bit better.  I will do a full consultation and assessment . We will discuss your needs, expectations, medical history, the issue that has brought you to see me. I will run through a movement assessment to see where restrictions are and what structures are involved.  I will then explain how i work and then together we will create a treatment plan that is bespoke to you and what your body needs at that time.
  • Treatment – you will then have your treatment as per our discussion. If you are having a massage, then I will leave the room while you get ready for massage and lie under the towel / sheets – you remain covered, and dignity is respected at all times. Generally, we would ask you to keep your underwear on.  For CranioSacral therapy treatments you just lie on the massage couch as you are with just your shoes removed.
  • After Treatment  I will leave the room and allow you to redress and then we will have a quick discussion about how you feel, we will do another quick range of motion assessment so we can see the improvement and i may also give you some aftercare/ self-care advice and exercises to do at home.
  • Then we rebook.


My journey so far.

As most of you know I do massage, well clinical massage but I do so much more than that now. Who would have guessed the journey I would take just be following my heart and taking the plunge to learn to do something professionally that I had done all my life for friend and family because I just loved doing it- and apparently, I was quite good at (Who knew).

Well after a breakup of my long-term relationship I decided to study massage and learn to do it more effectively, I studied my first course with a school called Quantum Metta School of Massage in London for a year every month going up to London for the weekend to do my course. Having qualified in 2015 I registered my business.

So much changed for me on this course and helped my mental health phenomenally I was not in a good place when I started my training, and the training really helped me on the path to sorting that out as well.

Once I qualified with this, I fell in love with deep tissue massage and soon decided that this was the route I wanted rather than my original plan of aromatherapy – (I love my aromatherapy oils, but this was now where my heart was sending me.)

I went on to study, Trigger point therapy, Myofascial release, a bit of Manual Lymph Drainage, Pregnancy, Oncology, Indian Head Massage, and my last major massage course was my ACMT – Advanced Clinical Massage Techniques with Jing School of massage in Brighton – this too was another step on the journey of self-discovery and improvement.

I was diagnosed with ME/CFS about a year before doing this course, after some unknown virus that landed me in hospital for 5 days realizing how short life was and that I needed to do more of the things I loved and to see more of my friends and family. I found balancing the regular training, working a full-time job, and trying to run a business really exhausting but I did it and came out the other side.

After my hospital visit, I reached out to a friend who I knew did Craniosacral therapy as I was desperate as even getting out of bed was a nightmare for me, I just could not do anything, and it was really getting to me as I wanted to start my business up properly. I was incredibly lucky in that my friend treated me with Craniosacral therapy every week for 6 months and I am still convinced this is the reason I can continue and run my business to this day. If I had not swallowed my pride and asked for help, I am convinced I would be in a vastly different state mentally, emotionally, and physically. But this too changed the course of my vocational studies. Where I had really wanted to do my BTEC I changed to being fascinated and grateful and really curious about CST.

So, my journey with Craniosacral Therapy began and I do not see it ending anytime soon.  As I have such strong feelings about mental health and general well being of my patients and myself, I used lockdown to do yet more work on myself and I also took 3 mental health courses to be better able to help my clients.  I passionately believe that wellbeing is not just physical, mental or emotional true wellbeing encompasses all of the above elements and choosing to be happy and grateful goes a long way to aiding this.

So again, after starting my CST journey and currently having done up to level SER 2 – Somato Emotional Release it became noticeably clear to me that not only do I love my work, but I would really like to be able to help my clients become the best versions of themselves that they can on all levels. The trauma release work combined with the hands-on work is fascinating and has such profound impacts on my clients lives and has had a huge impact on my own wellbeing. I was recently a case study for a system called Silent Counselling and again found that this sits really well with the work that I do already and that it too had a really big effect on my life and I have decided to train in this modality to so that I am better equipped to help my clients on all levels and it fits in really well with my Somatic release work.  I am really excited about this next level of training and cannot wait to put it into practice and see the difference it will make to people.

I will continue my Cranial journey and the next steps in that for me are my Advanced Next year and training in Conception, Pregnancy and Birthing so I will truly be able to work with people of all ages.

I am as always grateful for all the people I have met along the way that have helped me find a path even in the most unexpected ways and grateful for all that I have and the opportunities that I have had to learn and explore and discover.

Life is a journey to be lived and to have fun – do not keep things for special occasions, everyday is a special occasion.


So the last few weeks have been hard on me. I’ve been, extremely emotional, overwhelmed and generally stressed with a few things going on in life.
But having learnt what I’ve learned from a very young age, I don’t often ask for help or reach out and when I do its usually because I am at a state of desperation. I can do it myself, I’m independent have always needed to be and learned not to depend on anyone but myself… this it would appear has always been to my detriment but its been my coping skill through life. Put the mask on and carry on, collapse when no one is looking but even then I don’t let myself not be strong, ” I am strong and I can hold this together no matter what”. Well sometimes holding this mask becomes too much and from personal experience I know my body creates pain and reasons to make me break and not always in a good way.

Well the last few weeks I’ve slipped back into that I must be strong mode, while internally I’ve been struggling like you won’t believe. Very few will actually see this side of me.
Some people just pick up on this and my life coach and silent counselling practitioner is one such person. Jo Squires – Midlife Clarity Coach has been a rock and is always there for the brutal truth she doesn’t ever mince her words and I truly appreciate this. She sent me a message saying book a call ASAP we need to talk. I booked and this morning we had a good chat about things and I got the kick up the arse that I needed. She helped me put things into perspective that my overthinking mind was getting overwhelmed by.

This post is just really to remind you that if you’re struggling reach out. My inbox is always open. Our strength is not in trying to bottle it up and appearing strong and holding on its in allowing ourselves to be vulnerable and letting the emotions flow through us and out rather than letting them build up and cause emotional blocks, triggers, pain, trauma in our bodies which in turn can manifest into physical pain and chronic conditions. I know this from experience as I suffer from CFS/ME and my body has a tendency to actually start shutting down when I do it for too long.

Through my self work and silent counselling session with Jo I have done so much work on letting things go and processing but a small glitch in my perceived plans shows me there is more work to do and how easy it is to go straight back to learned behaviour, even if if is detrimental to me, physically, emotionally or mentally but I’m learning to catch it now.

So please reach out let’s work through these old patterns of yours.

Silent counselling can be done over something like zoom , can be done in person heck you can even do it lying in bed if your struggling that much.
It’s cheaper than massage treatments so nay be an option for you. It can also help you the fear factor in your phobias so you can do things with friends and family that you may have backed away from before.

Craniosacral therapy is also an amazingly powerful treatment and is done in person with your clothes on.
Both of these are really good at centering and grounding you and helping you to release emotions and trauma stuck in the body.

My massage treatments are what I call a hybrid version as I use all the tools in my box to give you the best treatment for your body at that specific moment. It’s not routine and every treatment will more than likely be different depending in your body’s requirements.

Reach out, let’s talk or I’ll even just sit with you if you don’t want to talk.

Just don’t feel alone, you’re not alone.